Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Red Basket

I’m rarely seen heading out to my minivan without my red basket on my arm. I use it for everything, not just trips. It came in very handy this past spring when we spent every weekend going from one lacrosse game to another. I kept games, snacks and sunscreen in it along with my travel blanket.

When we go on trips, it fits snugly between the two front seats of my minivan and it holds a variety of snacks as well as our lunch. It folds up compactly to store away (helpful since we have 6 people living in 1100 sq ft!) and it has a zippered internal pocket where I store plastic utensils and napkins.

I purchased a generic version from TJ Maxx but you can find the real deal at Garnet Hill. I’ve got my eye on the tangerine floral pattern (hint, hint Will!) because if one collapsible basket is great, two must be fabulous!

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