Friday, July 10, 2009

MapEasy Guidemaps

One of the things that I felt was necessary for our recent Philadelphia trip was a map of the city. I had never been to Philadelphia and I thought that it was important for me to be comfortable with the layout of the city before we arrived since Will and I would be herding four kids around during probably the busiest weekend of the year. I had poured over google maps, done the street-view and mapped out our travel paths. But I still felt like I needed something to hold in my hands while we were actually there. So I found this MapEasy Guidemap of Philadelphia. It had all the qualities I needed in a map: cheap, laminated, easy to fold and it had highlights of the city already marked for me! There are MapEasy Guidemaps for other cities so if we do venture on our NYC trip next summer, I know what I will be packing for sure!

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