Monday, July 20, 2009

Who's pickier? A teenager or a preschooler?

Having a 6 year spread between our oldest and youngest children sometimes makes it difficult to find an activity that makes everyone happy and keeps them involved. Luckily, we have an awesome location within perfect driving distance for a day trip that solves that problem.

In Richmond, Virginia, the Science Museum of Virginia and the Children's Museum of Richmond are right next door to each other. They share a large, convenient parking lot and the location is centrally placed to be able to enjoy other fun activities in Virginia's capitol city.

  • Well-stocked Art Studio for the crafty crowd
  • Indoor tree climbing structure that lets little ones stretch their legs
  • Dinozone with lots of dinos to climb on
  • Playhouse theater so your little Shakespeare can express themselves
  • The Backyard area for fun water play and other neat outdoor exploring
  • Always lots of events planned so check the calendar on their site


  • Bioscape lets the curious crowd become more familiar with how the body works (make sure you solve the crime mystery and turn in your card at the welcome desk for a special prize!)
  • Light visions that help teach illusions and other forms of trickery
  • Real trains in the back (since this building used to be a train station)
  • Rat basketball (only on Saturdays so try to go's one of the craziest things you will ever see! Trust me!)
  • Wonderful traveling exhibits

The biggest plus of visiting these two museums is that because they are side by side, you can split up and send one grownup with the olders to the Science Museum and have the other grownup take the youngers to the Children's Museum. But if you happen to be traveling solo there are still things for multi-age groups to enjoy at either location. There are great spots outside to have a picnic lunch if the weather allows. Parking is convenient and free. Also if you are members of your local children's museum or science museum, check to see if you can take part in the reciprocal benefits from the ASTC. Oh and how could I forget? The Science Museum has a cafe so you can refuel with Starbucks for the drive back to your hotel or home!

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